Walter Brown’s genealogy collection

In November, 2009, Walter Brown brought his collection of 73 binders and dvds to the Pontiac Archives and presented it to the Pontiac Archives as his donation. 

 After some 50 years of collecting records of Pontiac families, Mr Brown has decided to retire.   Lately, Kathy Buffington joined with Mr Brown and reproduced the documents so they are accessible by computers.  She will continue to keep the dvd files updated but the binders will no longer be updated. 

 These binders and DVDs are available to the public for researching at the Pontiac Archives.  Kathy will regularly visit the Archives to add any new material available.

Mr Brown has lived in Smith’s Falls for many years but his ancestors came from Ireland and the United States and settled in Litchfield, Quebec.

Since the early 1980s, Mr Brown has been visiting and donating copies of his collection going back to when the Pontiac Archives was established in Campbell’s Bay.  

Over the years, Mr Brown would bring his collection to the Pontiac Archives in Campbell’s Bay and then to Shawville after the relocation during one week in July when an “open house” would be held.

As technology changed, Mr Brown took advantage of techniques that would make researching genealogy easier and quicker.

After the holidays, the Pontiac Archives will be open, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, 9 – 4.

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