Pontiac Archives books donation

New donations to the Pontiac Archives library in January – 2010

 Geneviève Drapeau-O’Brien, chairperson of The Municipality of Allumette Island Tourism Committee donated 4 genealogical books to our Archives this January. Melanie O’Brien, who works at the Shawville Hospital, delivered them to us. They are:

 1. Les descendants des familles de L’Ile –aux Allumettes

         – Family descendants of L L’Isle –aux Allumettes   – 2009

2.  History and Development of a Transportation System on and around

  Allumette and Morrison Islands – 2006

 3. Municipality of L’Isle-aux Allumettes. History of Demers Centre

  and Desjardinsville   2009

 4. Municipalité de L’isle- aux Allumettes

  L’histoire de St. Joseph History  2007

 The Pontiac Archives is grateful for the donation from:

Municipality of Allumette Island Tourism Committee

75 rue Notre Dame, L’Isle-aux- Allumette, QC J0X 1M0

Telephone 819 689 2266



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