Shawville, Clarendon, Thorne historical record project 1972 – 1973


The Historical Project done by Opportunities for Youth 1972 grant to gather and preserve records of Historical Value of Thorne, Clarendon and Shawville.

The students who worked on this were Maydon Dods, Brian Harrison, Brenda Strutt, Ralph Bretzlaff, Jane Bretzlaff, Wendy Woodman, Charles Dickson, Ginny Stones and Merlin Tubman.

They had to work hard to research older people and early history, copy names from headstones in the cemeteries and do their own typing.   Mrs Rosaleen Dickson from The Equity, Pontiac Printshop loaned them a number of typewriters.

They had to keep a record of their purchases such as binder or poster material. 

2010 Robert Wills digitalized  the cassettes to DVDs.  These DVDs are for public use.   They can be viewed and listened to at the Pontiac Archives or signed out according to procedure and taken home to enjoy.  They must be returned and signed back in as returned to the Archives.  

Interviews were with Herman Emmerson, Mr and Mrs Edmund Hodgins, Beulah and Edmund Hodgins, Claude Lemay, Ernest Schwartz, Mrs Ernest Schwartz, Bill Yach, Edna Mitchum, Richard Earl Dagg, Annie Gamble and Irene Gamble Emard, James Turotte, Elard Johnston, Orla Mee, James MacCuaig, Wyman MacKechnie, Harvey Smiley, Cyril and Rae Dale, Leonard Horner, Mrs Hulbert Armstrong, Charles Zimmerling, Clifford Cone, Evaline Hodgins, Lennis and Emma Tubman, Laura Murphy, Herbert Cuthbertson, Verner Thrun/James Crick, Lu McDowell/Heman Elliott/Irene Shaw, Louisa Olm/Mrs Vertal Smiley, Mosey Murphy/Mildred Elliott, Mrs Arthur Dagg/Mrs Arthur Horner.

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