SEVEC And McNab Days

Barry McGowan, coordinator of the SEVEC (Society for Educational visits and Exchanges in Canada) exchange program for high school students from Saskatoon and Shawville organized a tour to Peter and Barbara Haughton’s Lumbering Museum in Bristol.  There were four stations with a variety of activities for the students.  Venetia Crawford brought a poster that she had prepared at the Pontiac Archives displaying the map of the Ottawa River near Chats Falls.  The poster displayed the trading posts, the lumbering slide and mills, the paddle wheel steamers and the Horse Railway past the Chats Falls.  She also wrote a play about the history of the area which the students read outdoors under the trees overlooking the river and boats used in the lumber industry – pointer boats, barges and voyageur canoes.

This same poster and other binders depicting the life at Mondion Point _ the site of the trading post, Pontiac Village, Union Village and the present Tim Horton’s Camp will be on display at Norway Bay on June 25, 2011 at 9:30 am.  This is one of the events of McNab Days.  There will be a Boat Flotilla going from Norway Bay to Red Pine Park in Braeside across the river to near Gillies Lumber Yard and the Sand Point pier.  an alligator boat will be on display as well as steamboats, tug boats, scows and dragon boats.

On June 1, 2011, Wednesday, the press will be invited for a sneak preview of the events at Peter and Barbara Haughton’s house by the river.  Venetia’s poster and other archival material will be on display.

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