Connecting schools, youth and communities fostering an appreciation of Local History and Heritage

Thursday, Jan 19, 2012, QAHN Quebec Anglophone Heritage Network invited members of the Pontiac Archives and the Pontiac Historical Society to attend a workshop in Aylmer.  The theme was Connecting Schools, Youth and Communities fostering an appreciation of Local History and Heritage. Venetia Crawford represented the Pontiac Archives.  There is funding from the Dept of Canadian Heritage to support local partnerships between school and community groups.   Eligible projects selected for financial support could receive up to $2000 in development costs.  The program runs until June 2012.   This program InHerit (Inspiring Renewal and Identity Together) can work with the CLC (Community Learning Centre).  We have a CLC in Campbell’s Bay in the St. John’s School.   Students who create history and heritage projects will be invited to present their work at the Young Heritage Leaders’ Fair to be held by QAHN in St. Lambert on May 12, 2012.

Gordie Graham, from Pontiac High School in Shawville has brought his Grade 11 history class to the Pontiac Archives to research the history of the municipalities in Pontiac County.   We are waiting at the Archives for copies of their projects.   Perhaps they will enter the contest.

For more information about the InHerit program, contact Director Dwane Wilkin   There are photography and essay contests as well.  C LC Aboriginal and Intergenerational Initiatives Coordinator Sabrina Bonfonti

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