Clarendon School, # 13, Pontiac Quebec

Clayton Elliott donated a beautiful photo to the Pontiac Archives of the students in approximately 1930, taken at the Clarendon # 13 School.

The students were Grace Horner, Marion Towell, Doris Towell, Billy Horner, Marion Peever, Marshall Laughren, Denzil Laughren, Shirley Horner, Leona Horner, Iva Horner, Marshall Sparling, Ruby Sparling, Clayton Elliott, Lois Laughren, Audrey Elliott, Rose Towell, Muriel Murphy, Earl Murphy, Ether Peever, Erwin Laughren, Margaret Elliott, George Towell, Myrland Sparling, Cheslyn Horner, Sarah Lemay.

This photo is stored in Volume VI, County Schools, Bristol and Clarendon Binder,  at the Pontiac Archives. Feel free to come in and see it.  Scans of the photo would be available for $1.00 each.



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