20th century Pontiac doctors honored

Pontiac Physicians of the 20th Century,is a book at the Pontiac Archives to use for researching, produced by The Pontiac Medical Historical Society in 2014.

It is a collection honouring the doctors who have served the Pontiac since before the beginning of the 20th Century and includes Dr Simon Joseph McNally who practiced from 1895-1948 serving the communities of Campbell’s Bay, Bryson, Calumet Island, Vinton, Otter Lake and Fort Coulonge.
Doctors included in the collection are Dr Odillon Beaudry, Dr Frank C Cowley, Dr Gerald Robert Green, Dr Edward Bruce Horner, Dr Robert Murray Hudson, Dr Harold C Keon, Dr Harold Laycock, Dr S E McDowell, Dr Simon Joseph McNally, Dr C F C Poweles, and Dr Haddon Rabb.

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