About the Archives

Since 1985, the Pontiac Archives has worked to preserve our local heritage. Dedicated volunteers have overseen the continued growth of our extensive collection of material and documentary information on Pontiac County and the surrounding region.


The Pontiac Archives has an extensive collection of material and documentary information on Pontiac County and the surrounding region.

The highlights of this collection include:

  • The Quebec Crown Land Grant Book, 1763-1890;
  • Pontiac County census records, 1842-1901;
  • Papers of the Pontiac MRC and its municipalities;
  • Township valuation rolls;
  • Forgotten villages and old place names of the Pontiac;
  • Papers of the Pontiac Pacific Junction Railroad;
  • An extensive collection of photographs, drawings and maps;
  • Papers of the Pontiac Women’s Institute;
  • Information on the Orange Order and other Pontiac societies.

This collection also includes newspapers and magazine items and clippings, scrapbooks, school projects on Pontiac County, local histories, and numerous donations of private material. Much information has been collected on the families and personalities of Pontiac County. All holdings are indexed.

The genealogy section at the Pontiac Archives also includes the following:

  • Pedigree charts of Pontiac families in binder form;
  • A computer database of local genealogy;
  • Church records of births, marriages and deaths on microfiche and in binders, as well as records of a number of Pontiac cemeteries;
  • Churches of the Pontiac;
  • Schools of the Pontiac;
  • Protestant and Roman Catholic marriages in book form.

We are very interested in collecting family trees and other genealogical information which will help other people research their family trees. We are also interested in gathering minute books and any historical information about our Pontiac churches and organizations, and our industries such as lumbering, mining, farming and tourism. Photographs depicting our heritage that have been identified are extremely valuable.

Research Fees

We do not charge clients any fee whatsoever if they are conducting research in person. But if a client e-mails, telephones or writes to us with an inquiry, we charge $20 per hour after a preliminary search (approximately half an hour), which is free of charge.

If a client is in the Archives, starts a search and is unable to finish his or her research, we can complete it on their behalf, but at the $20 per hour rate. The client will be advised beforehand of the approximate total fee.

We always encourage donations if clients wish to show their appreciation for our efforts, but we do not solicit funds.